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The 3 Phases Of A Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Everyday there are new business being born in the market and some being shut down. In this competitive environment, the average consumer is bombarded with advertisements promoting various businesses at every online portal. To have an edge over your competition it is vital to have deep specific but attractive content to increase your viewers time spent on your site. A target viewer will only click on your ad or product description if the content is good. Investing in good content as a marketing strategy is both low cost and cost efficient. It is also very easy with the availability of good websites that provide highly proficient content writers. Contentmart.com is one such website catering to helping you execute that perfect content marketing strategy.


Marketing content is a multiphase process. It is essential to sit down with your writer and communicate the details you want in your content and the objective of your organisation. I visualise 3 phases in a content marketing strategy.


Determining Objectives

What is your plan for your organisation? Where do you want to see it go in the next year? What do you need in your content to generate leads? Where will you release or publish your content to get viewer attention? How many employees will you need in the next one year? How will you find and get them on board? If they require training, how will you design their training sessions and who will you refer to for the same? These are questions you need to answer while designing your content. There are waves of information available online about various topics and commodities. Your content should have information that sets you apart. The information provided should justify the price of your product or service in comparison to other products or services under the same category. That would attract more leads and limit your competition.

Target Audience

Define your audience. Which gender/age group/professionals are you catering to? Designing viewer specific content writers can help increase your conversion by leaps. For instance a company designing printers will target other organisations which purchase printers in bulk and add features to their products that are buyer specific. Research what your audience needs. This requires customer conversations and study through social platforms and surveys. You are more likely to increase sales if you provide a service that has a high demand to supply ratio. Add this knowledge to your content design to boost your marketing strategy.

Execute your Content Design

Where does your target audience view their information? Design content and post it at the highest traffic areas of your desired audience. Decide and post new content everyday to keep your audience interested. Purely creating content isn’t enough. You have to market your marketing strategy.