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Four Car Dealerships Latest Victims of New York AG’s Tough Stance on Credit Card Laws

In a bid to protect New York credit card holders from having to pay for services they don’t know about, the state’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been working round the clock to get credit card companies to understand the state’s credit card laws. And if a credit card services provider knowingly or unknowingly breaches these rules, the AG won’t hesitate to close down such a company.

This was the case in 2015 when Credit Forget It was closed for violating New York state laws by charging upfront fees for services that should have guaranteed customers that their credit would be repaired. Between 2010 and 2015, Credit Forget It used illegal tactics to sell its contracts to more than 5,000 consumers. The company was taken to court, and in early 2015, a consent order issued that dissolved the company and prohibited its owners from offering credit card services elsewhere within the state.

More recently, the AG has been dealing with four car dealerships that offer similar credit repair services and credit theft protection illegally. While these four companies won’t be closed, they have been slapped with hefty fines which will send a serious warning to other dealers in the credit card business. According to reports obtained from the AG’s office, each of the dealerships will be required to pay up to $800,000 in restitution and $64,000 in penalties.

“This cannot be allowed to continue,” said the AG. “Consumers deserve to be treated with honesty and dignity. Using hidden fees as a tactic to get more from an unsuspecting card holder isn’t right.”

The four dealerships will be prohibited from a number of things including selling or offering to sell credit repair and identity theft services within the state.

Of the four, Plaza Dealerships with more than 1,600 affected customers will be hardest hit after they were asked to pay $800,000 in restitution and another $64,000 in penalties. Meanwhile Huntington Honda with 475 affected consumers will pay the least amount, $270,950 in restitution and another $30,000 in penalties.

The other two dealerships, Koeppel Auto Group and Manfredi Auto Group with 1,361 and 1,479 affected customers respectively will pay $500,000 in restitution and $50,000 in penalties, and $425,000 in restitution and $30,000 in penalties in that order.

It remains to be seen whether these dealerships can turn around their businesses by perhaps getting credit repair merchant accounts from providers such as to make their services more credible.

The 3 Phases Of A Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Everyday there are new business being born in the market and some being shut down. In this competitive environment, the average consumer is bombarded with advertisements promoting various businesses at every online portal. To have an edge over your competition it is vital to have deep specific but attractive content to increase your viewers time spent on your site. A target viewer will only click on your ad or product description if the content is good. Investing in good content as a marketing strategy is both low cost and cost efficient. It is also very easy with the availability of good websites that provide highly proficient content writers. is one such website catering to helping you execute that perfect content marketing strategy.


Marketing content is a multiphase process. It is essential to sit down with your writer and communicate the details you want in your content and the objective of your organisation. I visualise 3 phases in a content marketing strategy.


Determining Objectives

What is your plan for your organisation? Where do you want to see it go in the next year? What do you need in your content to generate leads? Where will you release or publish your content to get viewer attention? How many employees will you need in the next one year? How will you find and get them on board? If they require training, how will you design their training sessions and who will you refer to for the same? These are questions you need to answer while designing your content. There are waves of information available online about various topics and commodities. Your content should have information that sets you apart. The information provided should justify the price of your product or service in comparison to other products or services under the same category. That would attract more leads and limit your competition.

Target Audience

Define your audience. Which gender/age group/professionals are you catering to? Designing viewer specific content writers can help increase your conversion by leaps. For instance a company designing printers will target other organisations which purchase printers in bulk and add features to their products that are buyer specific. Research what your audience needs. This requires customer conversations and study through social platforms and surveys. You are more likely to increase sales if you provide a service that has a high demand to supply ratio. Add this knowledge to your content design to boost your marketing strategy.

Execute your Content Design

Where does your target audience view their information? Design content and post it at the highest traffic areas of your desired audience. Decide and post new content everyday to keep your audience interested. Purely creating content isn’t enough. You have to market your marketing strategy.


Streamlining Your Business For Success

One common complaint I hear amongst entrepreneurs is that they seem to have even less free time as business owners than they did when they were working a 9-5 job. Most entrepreneurs, including myself, start businesses so we could have the freedom to do the things we enjoy rather than be a slave to the clock. More often than not, however, the opposite ends up coming true.

If this sounds like your situation, here are a few business tips I picked up in my journey as a small business owner that will help you put a little more breathing space in your day.

Outsource Time Consuming Tasks

One of my favorite business tips that really helped me was to hire people to handle tasks I had no time or interest in dealing with. As a new business owner, it is tempting to try to do everything yourself in order to save money (especially if you don’t have any in the first place). In the long run, however, you end up losing money due to missed opportunities because you were tied up doing non income producing work.

If you hired a virtual assistant for an hour a day at $25 and then spent that hour talking to prospects that purchase $50 worth of products, not only did that virtual assistant pay for herself, you came out ahead $25.

Make Good Use of Technology

Another good one out of my bucket of small business tips is to make good use of both online and offline technology to help you run your business. There are tons of software applications out there for both your cell phone and your computer that will help you get a handle on your daily tasks, customer contact and financial affairs among other things.

For example, I love Twitter and I use it extensively to market my online shopping business. However, sitting in front of my computer and tweeting for hours a day just did not work for me. So I looked around the internet and found a few Twitter tools that let me automate my tweets which allowed me to spend more time talking to prospects while still getting my sales message to my community of followers.

Get Prospects to Filter Themselves Out

You can usually tell which ones are the good quality business tips by how long and how often people have been promoting the idea. One tip that has been offered for years but which is still ignored by new business owners is to only sell to your target market.

A lot of new entrepreneurs chase after customers under the mistaken impression that everyone they meet should be their client. The truth is not everyone is going to need or even be interested in what you have to sell. You want to focus your attention only on the people who are interested in your products. Spend some time figuring out the demographics of your target market and you’ll find it much easier to sell to your prospects.

Three Top Ways to Increase Debt Collection Success

Debt collection has always been an ongoing challenge for businesses, no matter what type of business they operate. Hundreds of debtors have difficulty getting money together to pay their outstanding balances, but others just don’t care and hope you’ll give up. It can be hard to differentiate between the two, but debt is debt and everyone has a responsibility to repay it. Here are three of the best ways to recuperate some of your income.

Treat with Respect and Be Courteous

Debtors fear bill collectors, especially with the nasty tricks that can be used, as well as the threatening communications. This is a risky method of collecting, as well as illegal under certain circumstances. The bottom line is that collectors don’t want to push the debtor further away by making them angry or making them have a lack of respect for the company.

Respectfulness and courteousness includes:

Being polite

Listening to the debtor,not just going in one ear and out the other to say what you want to say

Respecting the debtor

Being openly available to two-way conversations, not just one

Never threaten or demand the debt balance

Payment Strategies or Plans

Demanding a full balance up front will usually end in refusal or silence by the debtor. Most debtors cannot afford an upfront payment for the full balance that is due. At that point, they just throw in the towel and say forget it because they cannot come up with a practical plan of action. This leads to added, costly expenses in attempting to collect the balance when it may not be necessary in the first place, depending on the situation.

Payment plans and strategies include:

Offering payment plans that you feel the debtor can afford

Opening an invitation to work with them on a payment plan

Offering a discounted balance if they can afford to make one or two payment

Listen to their requests and try to establish a satisfactory payment program that works for both parties

Debtors know the legalities of unpaid debt and most are willing to solve the problem if they can find a way. Nobody likes court, garnishment, or asset seizures so most wish they could solve the problem in some way.

Controlling the Communication of Debt

Harassment is usually not part of a collector’s policy, but it does happen. Aside from that though, a collector should limit their amount of phone calls, even if it is not defined as harassment. Calling as little as two times a day is enough to push a debtor further away. Calling every day also has the same effect. Once a week is suffice, but biweekly is better. Overly calling the debtor ends in having more expenses and more time consumption with attempting to collect the debt. Sending letters is not as bad, but one a week can also push a debtor away.

Lastly, email is risky way to collect and it often makes it more difficult in court actions. In addition, visiting the debtor’s residence is considered a forceful method of collecting debt in their eyes. This also pushes them away or makes them give up, leading to more expenses to collect the balance owed.

3 Online Business Tips That Are Guaranteed To Bring You Results And Success

Online business tips are something I will be sharing with you today. In this article I will be giving you some secrets of how to succeed and take your both your online business and your bank balance to the next level or even higher! If this is something you are interested in doing, then continue reading on because what I am about to share with you could blow the roof off your business giving you the opportunity to become rich or wealthy.

Before I offer my online business tips I would like to say that I am in no way guaranteeing your success because that is down to you. Different people will get different results based on how willing they are to succeed and how much time and effort they put in to their business. However, if you do follow the things I am about to tell you then I can almost guarantee that you will get results and you will be successful so keep that in mind!

The time has now come for me to share with you the secrets to success aka my online business tips so allow me to break it down for you below:

1) The first thing you need to do is take action. I have said it before and I will say it again-if you EVER want to succeed and become rich or wealthy you have to take action. This could include writing and submitting an article everyday or posting new content on your blog. It can be any money-making activity. The rich and wealthy did not reach the level they are by being lazy and telling other people to do the work for them. They got damn serious and started taking some serious action which ultimately bought success knocking on their front door. Take action guys because without it you will NEVER succeed.

2) The second point of my online business tips is the concept of consistency. There is no point in taking action for one day then not doing Jack all for the next month! If you want results, you have to be consistent. Take consistent action because this is what will lead you onto the true path of success and financial prosperity. If you are reading this and saying that is difficult then believe me, it really isn’t because once you have the routine set it will seem like a natural thing to you. However, if you are saying to yourself you will not take consistent action, then why bother with a business because you will never succeed, period!

3) Helping others and giving value is one of my third online business tips today. By helping others you are also helping yourself because you will be making it easier for yourself to succeed. The “me me me” attitude will not get you anywhere therefore you have to put the people first and yourself second. By giving value and helping others, not only are you fully adhering to one of these online business tips, but you are also playing a part in solving people’s problems and that is something they will appreciate and like you for which will strengthen your relationship with them. This is crucial because the stronger your relationships are, the more it will benefit you and the more money you can make in the long run!

So in conclusion, as you can see from my online business tips, there are not really any huge secrets to succeed. I guarantee you if you ask anybody else they will tell you exactly what I have shared with you above, because they are the only true steps to a level of lifelong success. Take action and be consistent in your actions and see the results for yourself. Do not expect to make a million in one month or even six months because that just will not happen unless you are some marketing Jedi:-) so, take note of my online business tips because they could help you in becoming a success which you can also become by clicking on the link in the box below, and taking action by building your online business today!

Basic and Specialized Janitorial Services for Your Business

Janitorial services are important for your business. Even if you do not regularly host customers in your facility, you want to keep the area neat, clean, and safe for your employees. Talk with different firms about their experience and options for your particular business.

General Cleaning

General cleaning usually includes trash pickup, vacuuming carpeted areas, and restroom cleaning. Ask for details about what general services are provided, depending on your particular office layout and needs, such as:

– Trash removal at each office, cubicle, and common area
– Vacuuming of all carpeted areas
– Floor cleaning in non-carpeted areas, including elevators
– Blind cleaning
– Artificial plant dusting
– Restroom cleaning, which may or may not include replenishment of paper products, soap, or personal hygiene supplies

Breakrooms and Cafeterias

If your facility has a breakroom, cafeteria, or other area where food is stored or served, ask about janitorial services for that particular area. Your needs might include:

– Floor sweeping and mopping
– Furniture and countertop cleaning
– Trash removal, which may include food and recyclable items
– Dish washing or dishwasher loading/unloading
– Paper product replenishment
– Refrigerator cleanout on a defined schedule

This area of your building may need more constant attention than the regular office and cubicle areas. For example, you may want cleaning and trash removal twice per day during the week, while the rest of the building is cleaned only twice per week.

Specialized Room Cleaning

If your business has specific areas that require special attention, you will want to make sure your contractor has the experience you need. For example, if your office or business has a clean room, you may need to follow specific procedures to meet clean room standards. If you have a computer server area, special care must be taken to maintain the humidity and temperature, as well as not to disturb sensitive equipment and wiring. Make sure your contract reflects the specific expectations and schedule for these areas.

Special Services

Your facility may require a number of special services that can be incorporated into your contract.

– Plant care: While artificial plants simply need to be dusted or cleaned periodically, live plants need water and trimming on a regular basis. If you don’t have a separate plant care contractor, your cleaning crew may take care of this for you.
– Interior window washing
– Deep Carpet Cleaning / Stain Removal: While regular vacuuming is performed as part of your routine service, you may want to schedule periodic deep cleaning in high traffic areas, or ask that special treatment be applied to problem areas as needed.
– Upholstery cleaning: Some companies may offer periodic cleaning for lobby, office, or breakroom furniture.


Different cleaning schedules should be available to accommodate your particular business and staff needs. Most janitorial services will offer daily, weekly and monthly cleaning for routine trash removal, vacuuming, and restroom attention. You may also have the option of asking for special visits when the need arises, such as before or after a big company event. While a regular schedule may be outlined in your contract, you should also designate how one-off requests will be handled.

A janitorial services company is an important partner in your overall business operations. Take time to talk with different companies about experience with your type of facility and cleaning needs before entering into a long term contract.

3 Tips On How To Write Good Content For SEO

“Content is king” is a popular term to the extent that it sounds cliché. The truth is that the content you use is of great importance as it plays a huge role in not only increasing your rank in the search engine results, but it also determines the traffic you get and the number of people who share your content.

For you to write good content for SEO you need to follow these tips:

Have a great title

This is the first thing that people see when they search for your content. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the title attracts the attention of your readers. Studies have shown that titles with number are more attractive than those without; therefore, you should include numbers in your title. For example, you can write: 4 SEO tricks every internet marketer should know.

If you want the entire title to be visible in search results, you should keep it under 72 characters.

Include keyword

Keywords are still very important in SEO. Unlike before, you shouldn’t over stuff the keywords in your content. The best way of going about it is including the keyword at least once in every 100 words. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the keyword reads naturally.

When writing the keyword you should avoid targeting one term. The best way of going about it is targeting long-tail keywords. In addition to these keywords being less competitive, they bring in more targeted traffic thus increasing your conversion.

Make use of Meta description

The truth is that the search engine spiders don’t crawl through the Meta description; therefore, the Meta description doesn’t have SEO value. However, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Meta description plays a huge role in letting your readers know the content contained in the article. Studies have shown that regardless of your rank in the search results, the description greatly determines how many people click on your article.

Even if your article is at the bottom of the results, you will attract people to click on it if your Meta description is well written. A well written description should let the reader know what is contained in the article. To ensure that the entire description is visible you should ensure that it’s no more than 160 characters.


These are some of the tips that you should put into consideration when writing content for SEO. You should not that while you will be writing for SEO purposes, you should ensure that the articles are reader friendly. This means that they should read easily and be well formatted.

How to Make Money With a Business Tips Blog

Something that everybody wants to learn to do is make money online, but they are not sure how. For many of us who have been making money online for a while it is almost second nature to look at things online and determine how and if they earn money. For example a blog, blogs almost always earn cash, if they didn’t why would anybody spend the time adding content to them.

If you want to make money then you should write a business tips blog about how to get started and how to create a business with a blog and so forth. It is so simple to earn cash from a blog and if you understand how simple then you will want to start right away. Earning online isn’t always about the website and the amount of traffic you get, although it helps, it is about connecting with the traffic you got and making them feel like you make time for them.

Tips to earn money

Write daily – The first and most important thing you can do when trying to make money online from a blog is write daily. If you don’t have time to write daily for a blog then you should spend Sunday night writing all 5 posts and then scheduling them to publish throughout the week. This way you can still give the readers what they want and also have the week to yourself.

Give examples – If you are trying to teach somebody how to build a multi-million dollar business it would be a great idea to give examples. For instance I am teaching you about earning money from a business tips website, you should check out for more about that because they are king when it comes to business tips and advice.

Give freebies – Something everybody loves is getting something for free. Whether it is information, gifts, websites, and even business tips. If you can give away something free every single day then you will have people rushing to your site in order to see what it is that you will give away next. For a business tips website the best thing to give are constant tips, and the second best thing would be free ebooks about business and getting started.

Starting a blog of any kind can be tough, but if you can follow the tips that I gave you then you should be just fine.

Internet Business Tips for Serious Beginner

Most likely you have marveled about a lot of financial success accounts in internet business. Yet, though it is conceivable of generating money on the internet, lots of failure stories were not being talked about. Thus, you need to be aware of on what you’re in for, if you do not want to be counted on the later. The wonder of online business concepts though, is that you don’t need a PhD degree to make a success. You just also need to focus on some Internet business tips from the expert of the field.


Online Auction – On the Internet you can start earning money by means of buying and reselling things through online markets that employs an auction program, for instance eBay, Amazon Auctions and Craigslist. Your business would rely on the volume of exchange you can manage to engage in – it can be small-scale or you can sell wholesale.

For this internet business strategy, you need a good sales copywriting talent. Coaching tools can be acquired through the auction website itself. To get started, you can check this stuff out at the material of eBay Learning Center or from a freelance specialists who can perform consulting jobs.

Affiliate Marketing – In Affiliate Marketing, you can also become a middleman. It is not easy to approach online companies and be able to show them offers they can’t decline, primarily because you are only a virtual nobody. A simpler approach is to search for reliable online businesses with affiliate programs and be a member. There could be lots of affiliate armies or websites out there, but the internet universe is enormous; there is generally a big place for one to try.

To be triumphant in this industry, you need to have an internet marketing training, generally on boosting targeted internet traffic or customers, especially in search engine optimization (SEO) and link building techniques. The training tools and high-quality Internet business tips can be acquired from well-known SEO specialists. You can get good learning method from a leading affiliate groups like ClickBank and Commission Junction. Google also offers a wide-ranging of material about website building.

Freelancing – There is an endless possibility to find if you intend to use your abilities to earn money online, instead of putting out cash for a specialized business website. You can try a freelance work – you can be a data encoder, a typist, an online researcher, a website articles copy writer, a link builder, a virtual associate, a website designer or a graphic designer. Be aware that this isn’t as simple as the previous strategies; however the pitfalls are lesser considering that, as earlier stated, it does not demand a starting investment.

You have to possess a trade-specific know-how, client support skills and a good time management, for you to become an effective freelancer. There are popular freelancers who receive big money out from making innovative graphic designs and remarkable sales copies. The learning resources that you are likely to require in this industry can be found in the freelancing group websites as well as in Internet business tips from Internet “gurus”.

These are only a few of the various means for you to begin grasping on the tips, tricks and tactics as your main weapons to be a successful online business-owner or freelancer. The hard fact is that, while you can find real cash to be made online, there are definitely no shortcuts, unless obviously if you have a technologically advanced software, strategy or idea that makes buyers salivates. Undoubtedly, anybody can start making money on the internet; however, you have to learn the basics first. Readily available Internet business tips can easily found if you’re searching for it.

Create a Business That Works for You and That You Love

You hear how you should do this and you should do that. Heck, as a business coach, even I tell you what to do! (And one note about that… I always follow any suggestion or recommendation with “You have to do what works for you.”)

Models, formulas, strategies, tools, worksheets, and the like are fabulous for helping you navigate the waters of business, but they’re not meant to be so sacred that you can’t deviate from them and follow your heart’s wisdom.

If you’re making decisions in your business that are based from your heart and passion for what you want in your business, then you are on your way to creating a business you love.

But if you’re making decisions – or not taking action – out of fear or lack, then your business will probably not end up being one you love.

How do you know if you’re making a decision from the heart or from fear? When you delve into “Why do I want or not want to do this?” – pay attention to the answer. Get a piece of paper, and write the possible decision that’s on the table. Draw a line down the middle. On the left, write all the reasons why you should make that decision. On the right, write all the reasons you should not make the decision.

Then, look at your answers. If they sound like any of the following, then your decision is probably based on fear.

  • People won’t like it.
  • I’m afraid people will say no.
  • I’m afraid to stand up in front of a room.
  • What if they don’t like me?
  • What if I’m being too pushy?
  • I need the money, so I should do this.
  • It’s too risky.
  • I don’t have time to do it.
  • People have told me I should do this.

Those are all fear-based reasons. And they should never captain your ship.

If your answers sound like the ones below, then your decision is probably coming from your heart and deeper wisdom.

  • I have a sneaky suspicion that this action will drain my energy. (Note: sometimes our inner wisdom is giving us clues to not take an action.)
  • This will move my business forward.
  • This will help me get my message out there in a bigger way.
  • This is a place where I can use my gifts and genius.
  • I get excited when I think about it!
  • I’ve always wanted to do something like this.
  • It makes my heart sing.
  • It’s beautiful.

The more decisions you make from your heart and deeper wisdom, the happier you’ll be, the fewer regrets you’ll have, and the more successful your business will be.

From what place are you making decisions?