Basic and Specialized Janitorial Services for Your Business

Janitorial services are important for your business. Even if you do not regularly host customers in your facility, you want to keep the area neat, clean, and safe for your employees. Talk with different firms about their experience and options for your particular business.

General Cleaning

General cleaning usually includes trash pickup, vacuuming carpeted areas, and restroom cleaning. Ask for details about what general services are provided, depending on your particular office layout and needs, such as:

– Trash removal at each office, cubicle, and common area
– Vacuuming of all carpeted areas
– Floor cleaning in non-carpeted areas, including elevators
– Blind cleaning
– Artificial plant dusting
– Restroom cleaning, which may or may not include replenishment of paper products, soap, or personal hygiene supplies

Breakrooms and Cafeterias

If your facility has a breakroom, cafeteria, or other area where food is stored or served, ask about janitorial services for that particular area. Your needs might include:

– Floor sweeping and mopping
– Furniture and countertop cleaning
– Trash removal, which may include food and recyclable items
– Dish washing or dishwasher loading/unloading
– Paper product replenishment
– Refrigerator cleanout on a defined schedule

This area of your building may need more constant attention than the regular office and cubicle areas. For example, you may want cleaning and trash removal twice per day during the week, while the rest of the building is cleaned only twice per week.

Specialized Room Cleaning

If your business has specific areas that require special attention, you will want to make sure your contractor has the experience you need. For example, if your office or business has a clean room, you may need to follow specific procedures to meet clean room standards. If you have a computer server area, special care must be taken to maintain the humidity and temperature, as well as not to disturb sensitive equipment and wiring. Make sure your contract reflects the specific expectations and schedule for these areas.

Special Services

Your facility may require a number of special services that can be incorporated into your contract.

– Plant care: While artificial plants simply need to be dusted or cleaned periodically, live plants need water and trimming on a regular basis. If you don’t have a separate plant care contractor, your cleaning crew may take care of this for you.
– Interior window washing
– Deep Carpet Cleaning / Stain Removal: While regular vacuuming is performed as part of your routine service, you may want to schedule periodic deep cleaning in high traffic areas, or ask that special treatment be applied to problem areas as needed.
– Upholstery cleaning: Some companies may offer periodic cleaning for lobby, office, or breakroom furniture.


Different cleaning schedules should be available to accommodate your particular business and staff needs. Most janitorial services will offer daily, weekly and monthly cleaning for routine trash removal, vacuuming, and restroom attention. You may also have the option of asking for special visits when the need arises, such as before or after a big company event. While a regular schedule may be outlined in your contract, you should also designate how one-off requests will be handled.

A janitorial services company is an important partner in your overall business operations. Take time to talk with different companies about experience with your type of facility and cleaning needs before entering into a long term contract.

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